The National Body of Professional Residential Building Inspectors

When purchasing a house, it is vital that you are aware of its condition. Registered Building Inspectors can provide you with a pre-purchase condition report to help you in your decision-making.

In recent years, New Zealand housing has been subjected to disasters such as Leaky Building Syndrome, poor construction practices, questionable building materials, and faulty workmanship.

Often purchasers have minimal equity in the purchase of a house, which places undue reliance on the house requiring little or no repairwork or maintenance to be carried out following the purchase, as there is often no money available to undertake these repairs.

This places the building owner, along with the financial institutions, in a vulnerable position which can result in either financial or property loss.

Registered Building Inspectors are invaluable in assessing a house condition.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors was established in 2008 to provide a professional body of building inspectors that are dedicated to undertaking pre-purchase house inspections.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors accepts qualified members and controls the membership through the enforcement of its Rules and Regulations which contain expected ethical, inspection and reporting standards.