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NZIBI – The National Body of Professional Residential Building Inspectors

Providing expert building inspection services to New Zealanders nationwide since 2008.

When buying or selling a home, an important thing you will need to think about is how to find a skilled and experienced Residential Building Inspector. The NZIBI is the national association of registered building inspectors in New Zealand, the experts that inspect the condition of the property and provide you with straight forward, dependable, experienced-based advice.

Pre-sale or pre-purchase peace of mind

For professional and comprehensive advice on the condition of a residential house, a registered building inspector is your best bet. Registered building inspectors and members of NZIBI are invaluable in assessing the condition of a house. They provide you with a pre-purchase or pre-sale condition report which assists you in your decision-making when buying or selling your home.


NZIBI values your experience in the residential building inspection industry and promotes best practice building inspection standards through collaboration and ongoing education opportunities. If you are a residential building inspector with 10+ years on-site construction experience, hold at least a basic level of Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover and are interested in joining our organisation, we welcome you to apply.

About NZIBI and its members

Since 2008, the New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors has welcomed qualified members who are industry professionals, align with our Rules and Regulations, and adhere to the expected ethical, inspection and reporting standards. Our members have crawled through thousands of ceiling spaces and under floors, have inspected thousands of cladding and roof systems, and expertly checked the condition of countless retaining walls, outbuildings, fencing, gates, and driveways. If you are looking for a thorough and professional building inspector, you’ll find it in our membership base. With 83 members and counting, we’ll have a professional inspector in your area.

Providing peace of mind to purchasers that their homes are inspected by qualified professionals.